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The brick

A young man who held an important position in his company, was driving his new Jaguar with enough speed, in an area that did not have such a good fame. He was extremely careful lest any child would come out all of a sudden in front of him from the parked cars. At a certain […]

The light of the commandment

A famous French actress, Fanny Ardant, in a recent interview given for the Greek newspaper TRIBUNE, said the following: ”Success is something you hardly understand. But in the time of a failure you can give a logical explanation. For failure brings you back face to face with yourself. I for instance don’t like compliments. A […]


Ninzitsou is another technique that was invented in the IVth century by the Chinese general Sun Tzu. The disciples of this technique were instructed to kill silently. They also teach how to control breath and use meditation in order to stay submerged in water for a long time and control their heartbeats for passing unnoticed. […]


“The Trojan Horse” of the New Age             One of the phenomena that prevails in the contemporary Greek society is the increasing spread of the martial arts (Karate, Kung Fu, Judo, Aikido etc.) originating in the Eastern countries like China and Japan. Many people consider this movement harmless ignoring apparently that it represents a […]

The true poor man

One day the father of a very rich family took his son on a work visit on his plantations to show him how poor the people were. They spent a few days at a farm, where lived a very poor family. After their return from that trip of a few days, the father asked his […]

How long should you pray? (II)

I don’t recommend you to pray in bed! But if it’s not possible to pray otherwise, then don’t give up on your habit. I only think that you don’t consider it yourself so appropriate to speak with the Lord, your God and lie in bed. Not to speak of what happens with many young people […]

How long should you pray? (I)

Once I asked a 16 y.o boy: ”Do you love God, my son?” ”I love Him very much”, he answered spontaneously. ”Do you pray to Him regularly?” ”No”, he answered candidly. This young man could not understand the antithesis between his two answers. For it’s quite impossible for someone to love God and not pray […]