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He did not leave us…

12th of July 1994 – 12th of July 2016 (22 years from the repose of the pious and God-bearer elder Paisios the Athonite) The starets had never stopped helping people, not even after his repose.  He helped people performing miracles not only when he was on earth but also after his repose, for he did […]

Saint Paisios’visit to the cell of starets Moses

The monk Moses the Athonite One morning, at the break of dawn after we had finished the early Liturgy, we heard a light knock on the door. While I was going to open it, I wondered who could come so early. When I opened, I saw starets Paisios standing in the door slightly hunched. ”How […]

Tips about trust in God

Pious Paisios the Athonite Great thing is when someone abandons himself in the hands of God! Men make plans and try to accomplish them, but without harking, without listening to the will of God and without complying with it. We should trustfully abandon ourselves in God’s care so that He would take control of things […]


St.Paisios the Athonite ”Pray without ceasing.”(1 Thessalonians 5,17) ”And when you stand praying forgive anything you hold against anyone.” (Mark 11, 25) We should pray faithfully for any demand and have patience and God will speak. Because when man prays faithfully he somehow urges God to fulfill his request for his faith. That’s why when […]


There were a lot of games on the way. A child his father was holding by the  hand was sobbing without cease although he had just bought him a game before. It was obvious that he wanted something more. He was crying and sobbing and pulling his father to the place where he wanted to […]

The faithless father accepts his child’s wish

The following dialogue took place once between a father and his son: ”Father, am I allowed to go to the church?” the child said to his father. ”No”, the faithless father answered. ”The church is not for you.” ”It’s for the old people.” ”But father, at school I learnt that the fourth commandment of God […]

Listen to me (part II)

The day when we were to go home finally came. I thought that maybe now things would change. When I got in the house, my eyes looked around. Mmm, we had a pretty home! Let’s see my room. How could it be? But I didn’t have any room of my own. She took me to […]

Listen to me (part I)

I cry to you in the language of silence. I cry in the language of love. I cry! Listen to me, please! I’m alone, I need you. Stretch out your hand and caress your womb. Its’ me, your baby inside there. And be sure that I’ll feel your love. Do it, please! Show me that […]

Who created God ?

A youngster went to a wise old man and asked him warmly: ”How is God?” ”Does He really exist?” ”Please tell me!” ”Do you think that God exists?” ”Of course I do”, the old man answered. ”And do you also believe that God created the world?” ”Of course I do.” ”But who created God?” ”You”, […]

What is love?

In a classroom, a pupil asked his teacher: ”What is love, ma’am?” The teacher thought the pupil deserved an answer to match his intelligence. Because the break was coming in a few minutes, the teacher asked her pupils to search the school yard and garden for everything aroused their love feelings. The children rushed out […]