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Yoga: A method of destroying the human personality

Dr. Leon Brangk (Theology) The word “yoga” is derived etymologically from the Indo-European root “yug” – “Joch” in German, “ζεύγ” in Greek and it means “consorting with”, “annexation”. It means the unification of the individual self with the divine element. According to the way the divine element is perceived, either as one of the endless […]

Reiki – Therapy or Occult Practice?

Eléni Andouláki – University teacher   The notion of therapy Did you ever think how altered the terms we currently use are? How far words are from their initial content? How “therapy” ended up defining everything but the valid scientific medical action? Any questionable practice, any absurd and dangerous method is nowadays called “therapy”. Obviously, […]

Saint Nicholas helps a sterile Muslim woman

A Muslim woman from Bashkortostan (Russia), who underwent many medical tests and therapies in order to get pregnant succeeded in that only after she prayed before saint Nicholas’icon. I’m a Muslim but for a certain reason I believe that the icon helped me, the happy mother declared for Komsomolskaya Pravda. Her friends adviced her to […]

The existence of God

THE TEACHING ABOUT GOD 85.What can be known about God by means of the human mind and the surrounding nature ? By these means we know that God exists, but we don’t know what He is in His essence, in His being. Is there any difference between this kind of knowledge about the existence of […]