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The awareness about death is a good thing

The world we live in is simmering with information which are bombarding us ceaselessly. It is more and more difficult for us to understand what is true, what is important for our life, for a more and more alert and superficial life, focused on the material side of daily survival. From this informational race are […]

God’s endless love and forgiveness for men

The Holy Gospel is by excellence God`s Book, which shows very clearly to all of us, to all the people, what is His will. Christ is the One Who speaks to us Himself with His Mouth bringing light and peace in our life. We`ll read the periscope of the Holy Gospel and explain the Word […]

Far away from lie

We`ve spoken before about the methods recommended for cultivating the virtue of obedience in the hearts of the children and about the means which must be used for acquiring this. In what follows we`ll show how to inspire to the children the love for truth, how to teach them to value it and avoid lies. […]

Humbleness means freedom

God doesn`t look at the face, He doesn`t love some people more and others less, He loves us all the same. But we, the people, love God in a different way. One loves Him more, another one a little and another one doesn`t love him at all. Thus the measurable love doesn`t apply to God […]

Be wise like snakes and meek like doves

The discussion about the struggle with our own demons and with the evil from the world as well was reopened in a short time after I had thought we had clarified this aspect. But the subject was approached again and as the father made me get used to, it reached a way which took off […]

Contemplation of God is an endless Heaven

After all those said, as a small advice, we will have to force ourselves to be vigilant and strive or rather have a permanent care how we will stand up to communicate with God the Father. By divine meditation we understand that the man was created only to occupy his mind with God. After we […]