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Personal prayer (second part)

What significance has the prayer on the knees, the prostrations face down to earth, the crossing of hands on the chest or the raising of the arms in the air metanies and many others? By kneeling for prayer we confess our piety, repentance and helplessness before God. The prostration face down to earth expresses our […]

Saint John Damascene

Saint John Damascene is an example of a brave defender of the Orthodox faith against the disrespectful emperors and archbishops. This enlightener of the Church lived during the iconomachist emperors Leon Isaurus and Constantine Copronymus. His father, Sergius, had a high political rank in Damascus,  being a favourite of the Sarasin leaders from Syria. After […]

The man should not cease to show love to his wife

In marriage love is necessary for a reason more justified than any other. The reason is the nature of the woman, fruit of love (she was created from Adam`s rib and the rib is near the heart) who is not complete if she misses love. The woman spreads love out of her maternity, asking to […]

Lord Jesus Christ enlighten my children!

Everything is accomplished through prayer, silence and love. Did you become aware of the fruit of prayer? Love in prayer, love in Christ. This is beneficial indeed. The more you will love your children with a worldly love – and this is often pathological – the more they will get entangled and the worse it […]

Ascension of the Lord

`Let us lift our hearts up`! (Holy Liturgy) Today, my beloved ones, is a day of celebration. Each feast settled by our Holy Church has its own aim. As a traveler walks in the summer under the burning rays and when he sees a tree, stops and rest under his shadow, this is how we are […]

Go ahead and sanctify yourself

A faithful young man who had married a girl who had no connection with faith went to the father to ask for his advice. The elder being put in front of the accomplished fact understood immediately which were the weaknesses of the wife and told him: `Now go ahead and sanctify yourself You have no […]

The Holy fathers speaking about humbleness and pride

Humbleness is God’s garment, says saint Isaac the Syrian and becoming human through it He hides His glory for not burning His Creation when it sees Him. The Holy Fathers distinguish between kinds of humbleness and pride in relation with the man and God. Humbleness  begins with the love for the fellow men and involves […]

The theory of reincarnation is dangerous

As any other young man with thirst for knowledge and who read and shared with his close ones various theories about life and life I was preoccupied by the idea of reincarnation. This philosophical and religious theory which says that the spirit survives the death of the body for coming back after a time in […]

The myrrh of repentance

So many were the sinners who were received by Christ in such a nice way! Apostle Peter abandoned Him but he understood his mistake, repented and shed rivers of tears, crying bitterly…He had his heart open and there entered the rays of self knowledge and repentance. And the Lord looked at him with mercy, encouraging […]