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Never compare your wife with another!

I remember the case of a woman who married a widower. He was a worthy man and she was glad they were together. There was only one thing that bothered her and for this reason she came to ask my advice. `What happened in the moment we went out of the church after the wedding […]

Life without God is unconceivable

Many times, being in pilgrimage in Athos I wondered what these people can feel who choose priesthood or monarchism leaving behind everything is of the world. Probably their reward is as big as their struggles; it is a great gift since when they choose this path they rarely turn back. And all these questions were […]

About patience

Maybe the greatest quality of a man who seeks God is patience ! When someone who was downcast came to elder Cleopa, he said: Patience! Patience! Patience! Patience shows the humbleness of the man who says: God, I have patience and I wait to see Your will is done, not mine! Many times I put myself […]

The sacrament of the Holy Eucharist (III)

Αrchimandrite Ephrem Filotheos   At the Holy Liturgy it is fulfilled this elevate and frightening Sacrament. The Holy Table is like Golgotha where Christ was crucified and gave His spirit. Giving His spirit to God, His Father, in accordance with the human nature, He immediately destroyed the wall between God and man. The wall which […]

Word for those who leave the church causing schisms

Saint Luke of Crimea Know this, remember it and do not join the heretics. Do not go away of the Church, do not tear Jesus Christ’s kiton. Remember that Christ in His hierarchical prayer asked His Father saying: ` that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am […]

`I am the Truth`

The mystery of the truth does not consist in things, ideas, symbols, but in the Person and this is the theanthropic Person of our Lord Jesus Christ: `I am the Truth`, absolute Truth, never changed, always being one, in perfect fullness, always one, yesterday and today and forevermore. A truth always unchanged by times, always […]

The teaching about heaven and hell

In some of its details or even in its fundamental elements, eschatology knew in the history of the Christian thinking some divergent opinions which did nothing else than lead to the more clear affirmation and formulation of the Christian teaching. The Teaching of the Holy Scripture about heaven and hell In the Gospel of Saint […]