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The crisis and autocriticism

Monk Moses the Athonite             Saint Athanassios the Great says: `Although human mind was created by God to contemplate His Beauty and be enlighetened by the divine brightness, after the fall it fiercely turned against creation. Thus the men instead of having their mind turned towards God, got attached to creatures, worshipping them instead of […]

The one who withdraws from the world must deplete himself of everything. How he should take care of these worldly acquisitions. For those living in a community to own something means a sure perdition

1. of saint Barsanuphius A monk asked an elder: `My relatives owe me a small amount of money I want to give it to the poor. But those people don’t want to give it back to me. What to do? The elder answered: `If you don’t cut your fleshly thought and you won’t show a […]

The Sunday of Forgiveness

The Sunday, the day that precedes the beginning of the Great Lent is called the Sunday of Adam’s expulsion from heaven but it is also called the Sunday of forgiveness. The Holy Fathers gave this name to this Sunday for showing us that nobody can begin the Lent if he is not in peace with […]

About God the Son (VIII)

163. If the being of the Father and the Son is one and the persons are two how can we avoid dividing what is one between them and avoid mixing what is different between them? Evem the previous words from the Creed about the birth of the Son from the Father showed us not only […]

About God the Son (VII)

the Son begotten from Him has always been with the Father. Since God could not be called Father without Son. And if He existed without Son, He wouldn’t be a Father. And if He had become afterwards a Father and He could change from not being a Father to being one, this would be worse […]

About God the Son (VI)

152. Is there any relatedness of meanings between the names of Jesus and that of Christ ? But between them and that of Lord? If we look well we see that by these three ministrations of hierarch, prophet and emperor contained by the name of Christ, Jesus saves the world by His sacrifice, teaches it to […]

About God the Son (V)

149. What means the name of Jesus given to the Saviour ? The name of Jesus means God the Saviour. Jesus means Saviour in Hebrew and this name suits Him perfectly because He is the Saviour of the world indeed. And it is perfect because it was not given by men but by the angel at […]

About God the Son (IV)

143. How were the men elevated to this faith in One God Who has a Son ? The Jewish people was raised carefully in the faith in One God so that through them to engrain in time this faith to the other peoples. Gradually in order not to put in danger the faith in One God […]

About God the Son (III)

138. What is the third reason of the incarnation? This reason is seen in saint John Damascene’s words from above. The Son of God incarnated to unite our nature with His divine nature, making it His own nature, so that it would not move away of God, so that it would not work against Him, […]

About God the Son (II)

135. But the Son of Man could not have saved the world from a distance, without making Himself in the likeness of men? God in His wisdom considered that it was not good t save the men from afar. There are many reasons for this and the main ones are three: 136. What is the […]