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The surgery was made by Elder Paisios in the morning

The story of Nikos Koulouri professo rat the Law University of the European University from Cyprus In 2012 my student from the Law College of the DEuropean University from Cyprus, Stelios Kreuzos who is a journalist at PIK was diagnosed with water in his lungs and heart. He suffered for a year and a half […]

Far away from lie

We`ve spoken before about the methods recommended for cultivating the virtue of obedience in the hearts of the children and about the means which must be used for acquiring this. In what follows we`ll show how to inspire to the children the love for truth, how to teach them to value it and avoid lies. […]

It is an opportunity

 Monk Moses the Athonite The justified issue of our days is the serious economic crisis our homeland is facing. That’s why there is a great unsafety, anxiety, agony, revolt, confusion, fear and stress. The times are hard indeed. In this situation the Christians are called to bring their testimony, to make their confession. The fortresses […]

Why some children are obedient and others are not?

If a child is born on a fasting or a holy day he may be born with a moral or physical flaw. Thus the child might become uncontrollable, disobedient. Usually in a family there are some healthy children but also some sick ones. The sin of the parents affects the children and they suffer because […]

About Christian hope (II)

5. Who is entitled to hope in the god things promised by God? Any Christian who follows the commandments of God and the sinner who repents are both entitled to hope in the good things promised by God. `Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the […]