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Why some children are obedient and others are not?

If a child is born on a fasting or a holy day he may be born with a moral or physical flaw. Thus the child might become uncontrollable, disobedient. Usually in a family there are some healthy children but also some sick ones. The sin of the parents affects the children and they suffer because […]

The Sword and the Crown

Long time ago a great emperor wanted to test the wisdom of his child, the heir of the throne and put on the table his crown and sword. Calling his son, he asked him to think well and choose what it was more useful for him in life. His son chose the sword. `Why the […]


There was once upon a time a handsome king who liked to eat, to drink and party. And he had 365 women in his harem. Traveling one day through a desert, without a drop of water, he met a hermit. And looking pitifully at him, he exclaimed: How much sacrifice! But the elder told him: […]

The disciple must willingly accept everything comes from his elder as useful even if they bring sadness or pain, cause in accordance with his strife and troubles God grants him His mercy part.3

From Patericon Abba Arsenios said once to abba Alexander: After you cut your rods come and eat with me and if you have guests eat with them.` Abba Alexander worked slowly and carefully and when the time came he still had work to do. So willing to keep the elder’s word, waited to finish it. […]

The reward of humbleness

Archimandrite Ephrem Philotheos There was once a pious hermit who lived an ascetic life in the desert. One of his close acquaintances who lived in the city and who was a spiritual man himself because he had got sick and was close to death wanted very much to see the pious monk and receive his […]

The power of love

They say that the power of love is a special, supernatural force beyond the human understanding which should and is capable of breaking down mountains, ideas, conceptions, obstacles and anyone who stands against it. But I think that the power of love is gentle. It is that force which makes you a better person without […]