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A man had many children but he was very upset because his offsprings quarreled behaving maliciously. And they went on doing this repeatedly, meaning there was always dissension between them. They caused such a great pain to their father who wanted to see them living peacefully and in harmony. Do you want to tell you […]


Priest Ioan Istrati Probably the greatest periscope from the Gospels, which moves me to tears, is the parable of the journey to Emmaus. Two disciples, Cleopas and Lucas are going to a village called Emmaus in the in the Sunday afternoon of the Lord`s Resurrection. They were burdened by the grief of losing their Master. […]


Priest Ioan Istrati It was 10 years ago. I was a priest at the church Talpalari from Iași. A very distinguished lady living very close to the church called me to her house. Her mother, of 80 years old, was in a comma, she hadn`t eaten or drunk anything for four days. They had called […]

The heat of fire

During confession a young man asked his spiritual father: `Father, I feel my soul is burdened by sins. How can I be again in peace, when I know I wronged? `Son, the man must never lose his hope. Even if we sinned, God will forgive our mistakes but with a condition: to repent. To repent […]