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The heart of a man becomes a tent of GOD

Today I`ll speak to you about the benefit of keeping vigil in full awareness. As a father teaches his son the secrets of his skill to become a skillful master, any spiritual father has the duty to teach his children the method of keeping vigil. In the same way my spiritual father, my blessed Elder […]

CHRIST showed obedience out of his love for man

Let us try with all the power of our soul to cultivate a brotherly love beside humbleness and obedience. The selfish man doesn`t love as he should, doesn`t humble himself and he is not obedient. And this is exactly what the devil does. We should fulfill our service with all the power of our soul […]

We have three big enemies, three big demons

That is why the more someone sees God the more he believes in Him and fears Him and becomes courageous and patient and his hope strengthens and all the nice things of faith come to him. In the moment faith is born it is born immediately the divine fear of God`s Law. `You gave inheritance` […]

The devil reigns over futility

`Father, why the devil is called the ruler of the world? Is he indeed?` `That`s impossible, to have the world reigned by the devil. When Christ said about the devil the ruler of this world, He didn`t mean that he reigns it, he reigns only the futility, the lie of the world. Woe betide us […]

Love the Cross of Christ!

`What to do to love Christ?` I asked the starets among others. I thought he would tell me many things about the Jesus prayer, a lot of prostrations, fasting and many others but he simply told me: `Love the Cross of Christ!` And that`s true, looking at the Cross of the Savior, we learn to […]

Are you prepared to give birth to a saint ?

A believer from Russia went to her confessor and told him: `Father, I want to get your blessing to make a family of my own. Can you give me the blessing? I would like to pray for me and bless me.` Her confessor was not concerned about the usual concerns of the husbands. He didn`t […]