What is the Second Resurrection ?

On Easter Sunday around 12 o clock takes place the Vespers of Monday from the first day of the Illuminated Week also called as the Second Resurrection. During this holy service by the reading of the Holy Gospel Christ calls all the peoples to Resurrection, to the communion with the goods from the Kingdom of God.

This special Vespers has as its central point the reading of the Gospel in 12 languages. The origin of this practice must be put in connection with the sending of the Apostles to preaching in the whole world and especially with the Sermon of the Apostles after the Pentecost, when all those who were present in Jerusalem, regardless of their nation and language, understood the message of the disciples of the Saviour Jesus Christ.

The Second Resurrection is also called the Small Resurrection and reminds of the Apparition of the Saviour after His Resurrection from the dead before His Disciples.

Alexandru-Mihai Tacu

Source: http://doxologia.ro

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