Can we acquire holiness today?

Monk Moses the Athonite             All the saints of our Church are those who `fought the good fight and kept the faith.` The saints are the winning strugglers and the brave…

Why does God allow miseries to happen?

Father, why does God allow miseries to happen?
There are many…
May 16, 2017/by p. Paisie

Being isolated from the world you make a fast progress in your spiritual evolution

In one of my journeys to the Holy Mountain in my quality of organizer…
September 20, 2018/by p. Paisie

The parable of the pencil

A boy was watching his grandfather writing a letter. At one point…
September 6, 2016/by p. Paisie

We must be armed with patience

My brothers, when we grieve a lot for the diseases that affect…
October 19, 2017/by p. Paisie

Show me your hands!

A young man went to a big company for a job interview. He passed…
January 7, 2017/by p. Paisie


Leon Brangk, PhD in Theology

          The word yoga…
June 10, 2016/by p. Paisie

The dream of the caterpillar

A small caterpillar is going down to earth. Very close to
May 9, 2019/by p. Paisie

Incense as a symbol of prayer

Incense is a resin of the tree called Boswellia serrata or Floribunda…
February 28, 2017/by p. Paisie

The measure of divine love

Who loves little, offers little. Who loves much, offers much.…
November 29, 2016/by p. Paisie

The young man who spread a rosemary scent

Priest Stephen Anagnostopoulos
In a town from Pelopones I met…
March 14, 2017/by p. Paisie

About God the Son (V)

149. What means the name of Jesus
given to the Saviour ?

March 15, 2019/by p. Paisie

Words and stories of elder Paisios (ΧII)

The humble one no matter what good deed he would do, he forgets…
May 7, 2017/by p. Paisie
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