The Sunday of Forgiveness

The Sunday, the day that precedes the beginning of the Great Lent is called the Sunday of Adam’s expulsion from heaven but it is also called the Sunday of forgiveness. The Holy Fathers gave this name to this Sunday for showing us that nobody…

What are the men of nowadays missing ?

Although nowadays the world is wealthy enough, it’s not hard…
October 2, 2016/by p. Paisie

The Father Paisie told me

I went back to my cell and I wholly dedicated myself to reading.…
September 9, 2017/by p. Paisie

What do we understand when we say spiritual strife?

Saint Naktarios of Pentapolis, the wonder worker, represents…
May 28, 2017/by p. Paisie

If you live according to the commandments of God will you befriend with God?

What was the reason why God gave the commandments? Wasn’t it…
June 21, 2017/by p. Paisie

We must listen and honor our spiritual father as he fights for the salvation of his spiritual sons

Αrchimandrite Ephrem Philotheos
Now I will tell you something…
September 30, 2018/by p. Paisie

The reward of humbleness

Archimandrite Ephrem Philotheos
There was once a pious hermit…
August 11, 2018/by p. Paisie

On earth there is no perfection!

There is no perfect wife/husband, no perfect child, no perfect…
July 15, 2017/by p. Paisie

The measure of divine love

Who loves little, offers little. Who loves much, offers much.…
November 29, 2016/by p. Paisie

About spells and how they can be broken

The enchantments are of many kinds. They are made for breaking…
June 13, 2016/by p. Paisie

About the virtue of spiritual thoughts and dispositions (I)

An elder said:
`The spiritual life of a monk begins when…
August 7, 2018/by p. Paisie

The men of true love

Nun Porphyria (former taxi driver)
I’ll tell you the story…
May 29, 2017/by p. Paisie

For the helpless people it is better to be guided slowly towards the works of repentance

From Patericon

A brother who had fallen into temptation,…
September 13, 2017/by p. Paisie
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