Why God doesn’t kill the villains?

  • Why God doesn’t kill the murderers, the heretics, the revolutionaries, the lustful directly from their mother’s womb, and save their souls from hell and the others from their evil influence?
  • God’s patience is the necessary condition for our salvation. If God would listen to your advice, then on Earth would remain as many people as they are on the Moon. God’s clairvoyance allows the development of good and evil, otherwise human’s free will would be a fiction.
  • I asked you about the heretics, revolutionaries, suicidal people etc., saying that it is best for them to die in their mother’s womb in order to save them from hell’s fire. Your answer to this question puzzled me. According to your logic results that man is his own judge, and God does not interfere in man’s life and free will. This resembles the deism and agnosticism. Please help me clarify this issue.
  • If God’ clairvoyance would condemn the sinner beforehand, then the free will would be an apparent one. The gift of free will provides the conditions for the development of good and evil. God doesn’t select the humanity beforehand.
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