Condemned to immortality : a meditation about Resurrection

The men condemned God to death ; by His Resurrection He condemned them to immortality. For the beating He received, God answered by embracing, for insults by blessing, for death by immortality. The men have never shown so much hatred towards God than when they crucified Him; and God has never shown better His love for men that when He was Resurrected. The people wanted to kill God and God by His Resurrection brought the men to life, the God who was crucified and Resurrected in the first day by a terrible death. There is no more death. Immortality surrounds the man and his entire world.

By the Resurrection of God the Man the human nature is irreversibly led on the path of immortality. If the man lives with the faith in the Resurrection of the Lord, he lives beyond death, he is not touched by it; death is at his foot.

`Where is your sting death? Where is your defeat, hell?

When a man who believes in Christ dies, he leaves his body as some clothes in which he will be dressed on the Day of the Last Judgment.

Before the Resurrection of God the Man death had been the second nature of the man; life was the first and death the second one. The man got used with death as being something natural. But after His Resurrection, the Lord changed everything; if before His Resurrection it was natural for the man to die, after Christ`s Resurrection is natural for the man not to die.

By sin the man becomes mortal and ephemeral; by the Resurrection of God the Man he becomes immortal and eternal. In this lies the force, in this is found the power, in this is the strength of Christ`s Resurrection. Without Resurrection there is no Christianity. This is the greatest miracle of all; the other miracles begin and end with it. From it faith and love and hope and prayer and the love for God came out.

Pious Iustin Popovici


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