The young people of today live their life to its full till they reach 25 that is why many of them are unhappy after 40

The young people of today are different from those who were in the past. Because they live in another world. A materialistic, selfish and hurried one. In a society that evolves day by day. Nothing stands still, everything is on the move.

We don’t have time for a kind word, for a walk, for a book read with pleasure, for a hug. Everybody runs, they all want to get somewhere, want to be like others. And the biggest mistale of the new generation is that they don’t let life go by itself, they don’t let things be nice and natural.

From the age of 16 the teenagers vent their pain in alcohol, as they say they suffer from love. The truth is that they don’t even know how real love looks like. The girls forget about dolls and tales. They lose their fragile natural beauty behind layers of makeup. They want to be big girls stripping off their clothes and spending their time in clubs. They waste their nicest years. They rush things and remain with their souls bare. They destroy their souls, their present and future. They cannot enjoy the beauties of life. Or understand it better.

They are seriously wrong and their mistake will haunt them for all their life. They will keep a scar which will arouse their regrets but it will be too late for a change.

The young people want to discover sexual life venturing in all kinds of foolish affairs. They have much to suffer because of this. tears, pain, remorse.

They confound the sexual pleasures with love which should last in time and should not break at the first row or trial of life. They are not aware of the most important thing: life offers us everything we deserve at the right moment as long as we live it properly, without that rush which doesn’t let us live each age fully, with its good and bad, with its miracles.

Then young people say they marry out of love but they don’t really know how true love looks like. Many girls say YES at 20 and they don’t do it for the sake of love.

Many boys are forced to marry with girls they don’t even love. And thus they come to the conclusion that marriage is a nightmare. But marriage lies in the willingness to assume a commitment, to offer no matter how much without expecting anything in return, showing an exercise of maturity and will.

But everything happens reversely : when they become aware of that they have already signed the divorce papers and thus many regrets occur.

The young people don’t know how to live their life for true and because of their rush they get many wounds and wrong ideas that life is a torment. Then at the age of 30 the women say they don’t see any meaning in life and the men don’t want to be with any woman. At 40 they are so fed up with everything that they want to retire somewhere and hear no more about anything. And that is because they didn’t live at the right time their love, their life, their relationship.

It matters how you live your life, how you attach yourself of it, how you learn from mistakes. It is not rush that brings you happiness, but patience and the fact that you know how to take advantage on life.


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