The manipulation of people is possible only by speculating time

Priest Savatie Baștovoi

The manipulation of people is possible only by speculating time: everything today is an obvious lie tomorrow will become a truth. I take your horse today to bring you tomorrow a car, I can`t bring you a car if you don`t give me the horse. The famous saying `don`t give the sparrow from your hand for the crow on the fence` was a popular saying in times when the people still thought, but today the fools give their youth and health for a country like outside which exists only in imagination.

There are two kinds of people: some who have the sense of time, they can analyze the evolution of the events in time and others who don`t have this sense, so they don`t learn anything from their mistakes and they are all the time tempted to give one more chance, they like elections, reforms and everything is civilized and new. Between these two categories of people there is an impassable precipice. The conflict between them is eternal and there is no argument which can stop it.

This is not a conflict of intelligence and knowledge, in both categories there may be intelligent and stupid people, educated or profane – this conflict is between seeing and not seeing, between blind and seers. Simplifying it a little we can say that this is the conflict between regime and prophets. We can`t say the Pharisees and scholars who killed the prophets weren`t intelligent or educated, as the crowd they convinced so easily to cry out `Crucify Him!` was not smart or stupid, they simply judged a matter which was supposed to be seen, to see the divinity of Christ, while they were blind.

I am afraid of the people who know more of the future than of the present. This assures me that those who harm me today evidently tomorrow will do me good if I let them tie my hands and feet. All the slogans about a better future make impossible any rational discussion, always having a single answer: `He is stupid, corrupt, thief, but nobody said it is easy, we need time, didn`t we say it is going to be fine in the future?`

Everything takes place today is the result of the foolishness the mankind willingly accepted in the hope of a better future. Everyone is to be blamed. Don`t blame the tyrant, fool and corrupted leaders, you, everyone in his place, represented and continue to represent these bastards.

The teacher who obliged the children to wear mask, the school director, the local policeman, the owner of a shop or restaurant, why did you executed these orders you consider illegal? Did you think the devils become kinder if you obey them? If you hadn`t executed the situation would never have reached this stage, but now you are the first sacrificed crushed by this killing roller of lie and oppression, of hunger and fear, of terror coming out from the terror of hell.

I don`t have mercy for any teacher, waiter, owner of restaurant, of anyone of those who asked a child, an old man , anyone to wear the mask, although in his mind he considered what he did was not right.

I have nothing against those who sincerely believe in their salvation through masks and vaccine, everyone is judged by his own conscience and I will never judge the sincere belief of someone in something knowing that God made us free. But those who had contributed at the installment of this dictatorship acting against their own conscience, these are guilty, the true guilty ones, more guilty than the inventors and profiteers of this huge cheating called Pandemic.

May God forgive us!

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