Don`t promise anything

One cold night a billionaire met a poor old man outside.

He asked him: `Don`t you feel that you don`t wear any coat?`

The old man told him: `I don`t have but I got used with that.`

The billionaire told him: `Wait for me. I will get in the house and bring you one.`

The poor old man was so happy and told him he would wait. The billionaire got in his house and forgot about the old man.

In the morning he remembered about that old man and went out to look for him but found him dead because of the cold.

The old man had left a short notice: `When I didn`t have any warm clothes I had the power to struggle with the cold weather because I was used to it but when you promised you would help me, I got attached of your promise and this gave me power to resist.

Moral: Don`t promise anything, not even love, if you can`t keep your promise. It may not mean anything for you but it could mean something for someone else.

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