Dolce&Gabbana : the only family is the traditional one. The families consisting of persons of the same sex are not real families

The fashion designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, who have created one of the most powerful brands in this field, declare that “the families consisting of persons of the same sex are not real families.”

Life partners for 23 years, till 2005 and business partners till nowadays, the two fashion designers say they are against the marriage between persons of the same sex, according to

In an interview given on March, 12th for the Italian magazine Panorama, they declare: “The only family is the traditional one.” “Without any babies conceived chemically or any hired wombs: life has its natural course.” “There are things which shouldn’t be changed.” “One of them is the family.”

“Procreation must be an act of love”, says Domenico Dolce, who continues: “I call the babies conceived in tubes, synthetic babies.” “Hired wombs, sperm chosen from the catalogue”

However, unlike Gabbana, who says that he would like to have a family, Dolce declares that he doesn’t want any children.

“I’m gay, I can’t have babies. I suppose you can’t have everything in life.”

The interview was given soon after the presentation of the Dolce & Gabbana winter 2016 fashion collection, which celebrates natural family and maternity.

In the same interview, Stefano Gabbana adds:

“The family is not a caprice. It involves a supernatural meaning of belonging.”

Their position against the marriage between people of the same sex has been well known for years. In 2013, in an interview for The Telegraph the designers were asked if they didn’t want to marry each other.

“What?” “Never!” “We don’t believe in gay marriages” they answered in unison. And in 2006, Stefano Gabbana declared for Daily Mail:

“I am against the idea that a child could be raised by two gay parents.”

Their statements regarding the main political aims of the LGBT movement had as a consequence the launch of a boycott by LGBT News Italy.


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