The Good trumpeted by Antichrist

Priest Savatie Baștovoi

Antichrist is a personage about whom they say he will make signs and miracles, he will be a militant for peace and for the good of the people, a great philanthropist. He must do this to resemble Christ as Antichrist means instead of Christ.

As Antichrist is a substitute of Christ the good done by Him is a substitute of Good. That is why the first who will receive Antichrist evidently won`t be the bad people, but the people with good intentions, because they will find themselves in the `good` trumpeted by Antichrist.

For receiving Antichrist it is not necessary to be bad, it is enough to believe that the devil can do something good.

Keep your mind connected to the real Christ, the One Who taught us that the good is done in secret and anyone who will exalt himself will be humbled.

Happy New Year in the Light of Christ!

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