The humility of the most Holy Mother of God

The Holy Mother of God had humility. She was not an ordinary person. She was a descendant of the emperor and prophet David, who was highly revered by the Jews. And – as we would say nowadays – all the doors were wide open for her. But she preferred not to stand out. And she continued to stay in the shade not only in the difficult moments of the sufferings on the Cross of her Son, but also in the moments of grace of the Resurrection and Pentecost. And this it shows in the gospels, which never speak about her role in the early Church. She is the greatest human being from the entire mankind!

The humble thinking is a virtue that we, who consider ourselves churchmen and who look at the others with a certain superiority, might be missing it even more.

We are so pleased to see people talking about us and very often the self-conceit turns on the red light. But we like the praises from people, we like popularity, applauses. And the devil understood this thing quite well and swells up our selfishness as if it were a balloon.

So we boast with our diplomas, our qualities, our good deeds and…our virtues. But the question is: someone who seeks and enjoys the appreciation of the world, what else could expect from God, who said: ”To whom will I look if not to him who is humble and contrite of spirit and who trembles at My word?” ”To whom will I give My grace if not to the humble and peaceful one, who fulfills his duty without boasting and obeys and fulfills My will?”

In an age full of pride, that is destroying communication through the walls it is raising, the humble thinking is the only solution.


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