What is love?

In a classroom, a pupil asked his teacher: ”What is love, ma’am?”

The teacher thought the pupil deserved an answer to match his intelligence. Because the break was coming in a few minutes, the teacher asked her pupils to search the school yard and garden for everything aroused their love feelings.

The children rushed out happily and when they got back, their teacher told them:

”I want to show me what you brought, each one of you.”

The first pupil answered: ”I brought this flower!” ”Isn’t it beautiful?”

When it came the turn for the second one, he said: ”I brought this butterfly.” ”Look at the colors of its wings!” ”I’ll add it to my collection.”

The third pupil added: ”I brought this little bird that fell down from its nest.” ”Isn’t it lovely?”

Thus, the pupils, one by one, put on the teacher’s desk what they had brought from the school yard.

After they had finished the teacher noticed that a girl didn’t bring anything and kept quiet all that time. It seemed as if she was ashamed she didn’t bring anything. The teacher turned to her and asked: ”Are you all right, my child?” ”Didn’t you find anything at all?”

”Forgive me, madam!” ”I saw the flower and smelled its scent.” ”I thought to tear it, but preferred to leave it there to spread its perfume for a longer time.” ”I saw the vividly colored, lovely butterfly too.” ”It seemed so happy that I didn’t want to catch it.” ”I saw the little bird that fell down to the ground from its nest but when I looked up, I saw its mother had such saddened eyes that I preferred to put it back into its nest.” ”For this reason I brought the flower’s perfume, the butterfly’s feeling of freedom and the gratefulness from the eyes of the little bird’s mother.” ”But how could I show you all these?”

The teacher thanked her, giving her the highest grade.

She had been the only one from her class who understood that we could  bear true love just in our hearts.

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