Who created God ?

A youngster went to a wise old man and asked him warmly: ”How is God?” ”Does He really exist?” ”Please tell me!” ”Do you think that God exists?”

”Of course I do”, the old man answered.

”And do you also believe that God created the world?”

”Of course I do.”

”But who created God?”

”You”, the old man answered briefly and seriously.

The youngster was shocked by his answer and after a while he said:

”I ask you seriously and you tell me that I created God.”

”But I speak seriously too”, the old man answered. ”I speak very seriously indeed and take heed why.” ”You, by all the questions you ask me, show that you’re not seeking to find God as He is, but seek a god as you want him to be, as you imagine him, a God made by your measures.” ”Therefore this god you’ll create for yourself, won’t be the true God.” Then the old man added: ”Son, try to find the true God and receive Him as He is.” ”You shouldn’t want him be the way you imagine him.” ”Try to be yourself as he wants you to be.” ”Try to understand Him as he is and to love his will as it is.”



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