Listen to me (part I)

I cry to you in the language of silence. I cry in the language of love. I cry! Listen to me, please! I’m alone, I need you. Stretch out your hand and caress your womb. Its’ me, your baby inside there. And be sure that I’ll feel your love. Do it, please! Show me that you love me. And please dear mummy stop getting angry and stop fighting with my dad, stop crying, stop smoking, stop drinking. You suffocated me with all these things you do! Please do love me! You were the one who chose to give birth to me. Why are you torturing me?

And after this child is born a new dialogue begins, this time one face to face.

Now, my sweet mummy, you will look into my eyes and I will look into yours, now we’ll talk. Now you’ll prove me if I am a fruit of love, if you gave birth to me cause of your stubbornness, out of a whim or cause of a so-called mistake.

Now mummy dear you’ll tell and show me all. While I was living in your womb, you made me suffer. I hope that now you feel sorry for that bad bevahiour.

The first hug

There where they put us after we were born, we, all the newborn babies, were crying, we protested in our way, each one of us in his own words. At a certain moment the nurse came in and took us one by one to our mummies to be fed. My turn came. She took me to my mummy, put me in her arms and told her to feed me. I looked at my mummy closely cause her bosom wasn’t full of love and affection, it was cold. She took out her breast and put it into my mouth. But I refused it. I continued to look at her closely. I was waiting for a smile from her, but it was in vain. I didn’t enjoy at all what happened afterwards. Disgusted and annoyed, she pushed me to take her breast. I ate a little, cause I didn’t want to make her angrier. I was upset when I found that she didn’t understand the discontent from my eyes.

The next day, in the afternoon I met my father. He greeted only my mother. He didn’t bother to touch me. He just glanced at me quickly as if I were something strange for him. And this is what happened daily in the hospital. I watched my mum in the eye and I was waiting for a smile from her and for a warmer embrace. But I waited in vain…


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