Why are the Orthodox carols sad?

I have recently seen on the Internet some Romanian VIPs who were revolted that we don`t have merry carols like the American ones. They say we should all cry out of joy and hop in the snow out of the joy of Christmas.

I admit they made me think at this aspect and I thought a lot about that until I saw father Justin crying listening an Orthodox carol. He was surrounded by carolers and the carol spoke about the holy Infant God and father Justin was crying. He was crying with compassion for the incarnated God. Being in this sacred present of Christmas father Justin was crying out of compassion for the Incarnated God for he knew what expected that holy infant God.

In that same moment I understood why the Holy Spirit is the spring of tears and the joy of the encounter with God can`t be expressed in another way than by tears. This also explains why the Orthodox icons don`t dance on the walls as the Holy Spirit does not dance waltz by the nails and spikes of sin…but cries.

Be glad if when listening to an Orthodox carol you cried, then you were in the Holy Spirit. Then you were contemporary with the Birth of Jesus Christ!

Kris Angel

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