Eyes we have and we don’t see

This is our problem. We don’t see those around us who are overwhelmed by sadness, despair, loneliness, pains and sickness. We don’t see those who don’t think like us, we don’t see those who don’t love us. We don’t see how close to us the truth is altered, the right teaching is changed. We don’t see this because it’s better, it’s more comfortable not to see so that nobody would get upset, we say. We don’t see, however we see, but we don’t see what we should. Instead of seeing the log from our eyes, we see so easily the straw from the eyes of those around us.

That’s why we need God to look at us. That’s why we need to pray to God: God make me regain my sight and find You in my neighbor, make me look at my neighbor with love and joy! Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, asked to his disciples to look at the world around them for seeing the work of God. He asks the same from us, to see the signs of the presence of God in our life, in our neighbor and especially in the word of the Gospel.

We read the word of God and we hear it proclaimed in preaches and chants. But it is not enough. We must understand it and live it in our life. We must see beyond words, because otherwise the two blind men healed by Jesus will testify against us. Our Lord, Jesus Christ, on the Judgement Day will remind us His words: Do you have eyes and fail to see and ears but fail to hear? And don’t you remember? (Mark 8,18)

What does he want to tell us today by these words? There are many people who see with their eyes, but their hearts are blind, proving the words of the Savior: “You have eyes and fail to see.” Therefore, we need a healing just like the two blind men healed by Jesus, because we are blind in so many ways. Part of our blindness is deliberate, because we pretend we don’t see, it’s more comfortable not to see, not to care, not to have anything to do with things which require a bit of responsibility.

It is said that once two men were traveling through a very poor country by train. Their train arrived at a certain moment in a station of one of the poorest villages from the region. A group of hungry children gathered near the window and were daydreaming, craving for the food the two strangers laid on the bench of the coach to eat it. The two tourists, for not being bothered, stood up and drew the curtains. Many of us are guilty that we drew the curtains for not being bothered by the needs of the people around us. We are blinded by the things of the world, by its riches and by our old nature.

Another story says that once a man who craved for gold, went to a jewelry shop, stole some gold and ran away. After they caught him he was asked: How could you steal in broad daylight and with so many people around? The thief answered: When I reached the gold, I saw only that thing. I didn’t see any man! This may happen with many people of nowadays, who behave like the merciless rich man from the Gospel. Poor Lazarus was living at the gate of his house, eating the leftovers that were falling from his table, but the rich man never saw him. He was blind towards him. For this reason we need God to look at us. For this reason we need to pray to God: God, make me regain my sight, make me find you in my neighbor, make me look at my neighbor with love and joy!

My dears, if we don’t see God in the world, in our fellows, in the word that we hear preached, this means God is not much found in our hearts. Let us ask the most merciful God to touch our eyes, as He touched the eyes of the two blind men. Then we’ll understand that without Jesus nobody can truly see. “I am the Light of the world”…says the Lord.

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