The professor and the boatman

One day a very well known university professor, famous in the whole world and nominee for the Nobel Prize, reached the shore of a lake. He asked the boatman who was there to take him on a ride by boat so that he could relax and admire its rare beauty.

The boatman accepted and after they were away from the shore the professor started to chaff the boatman asking him some questions jokingly.

`My friend do you know any mathematics?`

`No`, the boatman answered reservedly.

`You lost a quarter of your life`, said the professor. `But do you know anything about astronomy?` he went on mocking him.

`No`, answered the boatman.

`Then you lost two quarters of your life.` `But maybe you know some philosophy`, the professor insisted on asking.

`No`, answered the boatman.

`What a pity.` `You lost three quarters of your life`, concluded the wise professor.

All of a sudden a summer storm broke out. The boat was swinging around like a nutshell. The wind blew wildly. The boatman tried hard to keep the boat up. At a certain moment he turned to the professor and asked him:

`Professor, do you know swimming?`

`No, answered the professor barely breathing.

`I am terribly sorry cause then you have lost your whole life.`

And a terrible wind blow overturned the boat…

Professor you are concerned and upset about many things but only one thing is needed (Luke 10, 41) You should have learnt to swim…


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