The physical properties of water change on Epiphany

Sysin Research Institute of Human Ecology and Environmental Health from Russia discovered a few years ago that all waters, including the water from  pipelines, changed their physical properties on Epiphany and on the day before.

The researchers studied daily the properties and qualities of water from a pipeline measuring the quantity of ionic radicals. From January 4 the level of the ionic radicals started to raise and the water became clearer. The ph level of water started to raise as well, decreasing its acidity.

As expected, the highest level of activity was reached in the evening of January 5. Due to the high amount of ionic radicals water reached an electrical conductivity equal with that of an artificial catalyzer (electron saturated water).

The electromagnetic activity of water started to decrease from January 6 and reached the normal level on January 7.

The researcher Anatoly Stekhin declared that the reason for this fast increase of the electromagnetic activity of water on Epiphany was an accumulation of ionic radicals in the earth lithosphere, a real spring of electrons which are mostly transferred in water.

The researchers measured on Epiphany the water structuring level, freezing to this effect some tap water from Moscow River and from a church well.

“Even the tap water which is far from being of a good quality looked perfectly when we froze it and studied it under a microscope”, Stekhin said.


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