Happy is the one who bears until the end

Saint John the Baptist is the one about whom Jesus Christ said that he was a lamp that burned and gave light (John 5, 35) and who was imprisoned for the truth.

The faithful, righteous confessor of God enraged – by his sincerity and by his brave attitude of condemning the sin – the depraved king who threw him to prison after he had listened to him with understanding.

As long as the saint did not talk about him, Herod had been even able to praise him but immediately after the word of the divine truth, word of fire and just condemnation admonished his debauched life, Herod became the enemy of the messenger of God.

Nowadays it happens the same. The people praise the word of God as long as it does not reveal their sins. When the soul of the sinner feels affronted and exposed, refusing to repent and improve, will revolt, will reject the Holy Gospel that woke him from his deceitful complacency and he won’t accept to obey it.

(Every Day, A Gift from God: 365 useful words for all the days of the year, Sophia Publishing House, pg.8)

Source: doxologia.ro


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