By breaking his heart, they found the name of the Lord written there

Some say about this saint Ignatios the God bearer the following :

When he was brought to be eaten by the wild beats he had the name of Jesus Christ in his mouth without cease and the pagans asked him why he mentioned it with his mouth like that ?

The saint answered that he had written in his heart that name of Jesus Christ and he confessed with his lips the One Whom he was carrying all the time in his heart.

After that the saint being eaten by the beasts near his bones which were left from the will of God they found his heart untouched not eaten by the beasts.

Finding it the pagans and remembering the words of saint Ignatius they broke it in two wanting to see if it was true what saint Ignatius had said.

They found inside written on both sides with golden letters the name of Jesus Christ.

Thus saint Ignatius was a God bearer by his name and deed, having Christ our God in his heart all the time and by his mind always thinking about God he wrote as if it were with a pen

Excerpt from the Lives of the Saints

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