In the mystery of the lit candle from the table…

Today I am going in the morning to an old woman, Stana, I wrote before to you about her.

She endured the winter frost for months and saved money for building the church from her village. Out of compassion for her the people helped the church. Now she is  a founder in her village and she is mentioned at all the Holy Liturgies.

The old woman is 90 years old. She is almost blind and doesn`t hear anymore. She lives alone. Her son is seventy and he had surgery at his heart.

I enter the yard and look on the window. It was still dark. The old woman was standing on her knees at the Icon of the Holy Mother of God and she was praying. The candle was slightly flickering as a wing of an angel. I knocked at the door quietly. Nothing. I knocked louder. The old woman got up from her prayer and said:

`Please come in, father. I have been waiting for you as I`m waiting for the sweet Jesus or Santa Claus.`

I smile.

I read her prayers and confess her then gave her the Flesh of God

The old woman took my hand.

`Father I don`t see almost at all and I don`t hear well. But I do feel you are upset. Don`t be father, as you are the keeper of the most precious treasure from the world: the Holy Eucharist. And you are never alone: The Holy Mother of God is always near you.`

I am impressed by her wise mind and the purity of her feeling, by the gift of knowing people.

In the mystery of the lit candle from the table, in the peace of the kneeling and the silence of the prayer this old woman carries on her back the Romanians lost among strangers.

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