Happiness is a matter of choice

A 92 y.o man, who looked quite well for his age has come today at a retirement home. His 80 y.o wife has recently died and he has to leave his house. After waiting for a few hours in the drawing room of the retirement home he was informed that his small room was ready. Then he smiled politely.

After that we went slowly to the elevator while he was leaning on his stick and I described the small room and the problem with the linen sheet which was hanging at the window instead of the curtain.

“I like it”, he said like an 8 y.o child who has just got a puppy as a gift.

“Sir, you haven’t seen your room yet.” “We’ll be there shortly”, I said.

“This doesn’t matter”, he answered. “Happiness is something I chose beforehand.” “If I like the room or not it does not depend on the way it’s decorated or on its furnishing but rather on the way I decided to see it.” “I’ve already decided in my mind that I like it.” “This is a decision I take every morning when I wake up.” “I can choose to spend all my day lying in bed and counting all the problems I have with my limbs that aren’t working quite well anymore or I can stand up and thank God for my limbs that are still working properly.” “Each day is a gift and as long as I can open my eyes, I am going to focus on the new day and think about all the blessings I got from God in my life.” “Old age is like a bank account.” “You can take out later what you saved during your life.”

My advice is to save as much as you can of your thanks for God in your heavenly account. Thank you for filling up my account which I continue to fill myself.

Remember these simple pieces of advice for your happiness:

  1. Free your heart from hatred.
  2. Clear your mind of stress.
  3. Give more.
  4. Expect less from the others.


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