God sends us people

Priest Alexander Eltianinov

Our mistake is that we don’t take seriously what’s an obvious fact, the day of today that’s given to us, that we live in the past or in the future and we are waiting for a special day, when our life would gain all its importance and significance, without paying any attention to the fact that our life passes like the water which flows through our fingers or like a precious seed which falls from the not well tied sack.

All the time, every day and in every moment, God sends us people, circumstances or duties to use them as starting points for our rebirth but we don’t pay any attention to them and we finally oppose the will of God that’s working for us. So how could God help us then? Only by sending us every day the right people and conjunctures.

If we received the time of our life as the time when it is manifested the will of God for us and as the decisive, the most significant and unique time of our life, how many hidden wells of joy, love and power would spring out of the depths of our soul!

Let’s receive then with due earnestness each man we meet on the path of our life and take into serious any opportunity and possibility to make a good work. And be sure that in this way you do what God wants for us in those real circumstances of that day and of that moment. If we loved God more we would  more easily entrust ourselves to Him and the whole world, with all its antinomies and weird parts. All the difficulties are due to the fact that people don’t love each other enough. Where love is, there cannot be any difficulties.

The huge confusion existing among the Christians of nowadays would disappear if we were true Christians, in the true evangelical meaning of the word. Among others it would be solved the issue of the significance of pain in our life, the idea that we suffer cause the Lord had suffered Himself and many others. Taking into account our insatiable, greedy attachment for the goodies of this world when the attachment to them causes so much pain, what kind of religious and spiritual sense of our life could we speak about then?

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