The vision of blessed Hyeronimus on the Nativity

Blessed Hyeronimus while living in Palestine in ascetic endeavour at the cave from Bethlehem where our Saviour was born had a wondrous vision on the feast of Nativity.

Our Lord Jesus Christ appeared to him as a child and asked him:

`Hyeronimus, now when all the people give me something what will you give me?`

`My virtues and prayers` answered blessed Hyeronimus.

`It is very good but won`t you give me anything else?`
.`My heart, my soul and myself!`

`I receive these as well. But I want something more from you.

`What else could I give You, my Lord?` asked puzzled the lover of Christ.

`Give me your sins.`

Blessed Hyeronimus with a broken heart started to cry. He asked among his tears:

`And what do You need my sins for, my Lord?`

`I want to take them on Myself!`

Did you hear? `Give me your sins!` Jesus Christ wants our sins. Let us give them to Him in the Holy Sacrament of Confession and He will forgive them.

Excerpt from The forgotten remedy – The holy sacrament of confession – Archimandrite Serafim Alexiev, Sophia Publishing.

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