I am tired

The phrase we say to ourselves and hear from the others around us as well – `I am tired` – seems to be true. However today there are so many facilities. That is why someone would expect that the man of nowadays could be more refreshed and would have more time.

The decrease of the bodily fatigue in comparison with what it was in the past when people had as main occupations agriculture and livestock generated an increased spiritual fatigue.

`I am tired` does not always show some inner fatigue. It shows that there is some discouragement, pain and instability within us. We lack peace, balance, safety.

Regardless of his age, the man needs the love of those around him, needs their affection and understanding. He needs to feel that they did not forsake him, that he means something for what he is and not for what he offers. Then, no matter how many chores he would have, he will have power and liveliness. His good spiritual condition overcomes the bodily fatigue, which becomes a `sweet fatigue`

Thus nice domestic, professional or social relationships are of an essential importance for our peace of mind. But spiritual peace is also important. And what I mean here is our bond with the Holy Spirit with our Lord and God.

The man as an image of God and the Christian as a son of God, adopted by the mystery of baptism, have an organic bond with Him. Sin perverts this bond and we lose our peace and balance. Then it appears the revolt, the distress, the inner tension, the fatigue. And because the man is a psychosomatic being the spiritual influences both soul and body.

Christ told us : Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.[1] His Word is true because it has been experienced by millions of people over the centuries.

`I am tired`, beyond the work conditions which cause much fatigue may also be a cry of the soul asking for compassion from those around him, understanding and love so that he won’t feel alone.

It might also be a warning send to ourselves about the fact that we should approach Christ by prayer and repentance, so that the weight which burdens our soul might leave. It is an SOS of our existence which, drowned by worries, searches God, the Only One Who really comforts it.

Of course if we don’t want to pass through the pain of repentance, pretending that what it is to blame is only the bodily fatigue, our life will pass without rest and joy. But the transition from our chaos to the light of Christ, regardless of the pain it might cause to us, it brings the foretaste of eternity by the peace that becomes renewal, revival, true life.

[1] Matthew 11, 28.


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