At work, priests!

Priest Ioan Istrati

No matter what I`d write – and God knows that I have some things written – no matter if it is on another site or page than mine there comes up a man (it is hard for me to call him this way) who sends me to work

It is the Stalinist madness which divided the enslaved people in `working people` and `useless people`. From their stupid and demonic normality they also excluded the artists, the teachers, the priests, the musicians…

This curse of the Stalinist sub humanity was transmitted to us.

We the priests are always sent to work.

Brothers, we work hard. We go to tens of houses to give the Holy Eucharist to sick people, we serve God for long hours, we help the poor, we read hundreds of remembrance lists, we have baptisms, liturgies, weddings, we chase demons away by prayer, we bless the dying, we serve funerals, we cleanse the dirtiness from souls through confession, we listen to tens of people with their pains, all day long. It is always a whole ocean of tears and pain. We are at work since the people need us. But even if they didn`t, we would still serve God.

All the straying people with sick souls and minds for whom work means only to carry sacks of cement, will cry bitterly and will ask on their death bed a lazybones like this useless for the neo sovietic society  to absolve them of their sins.

In intensive therapy, in the plane in  dive, on the operating table and before death there are no more atheists of this kind. All call desperately that God they had always crucified in their useless life.

May God let them have a useless bearded man of this kind to read for them before hell. But many of them don`t find. It is a pity.

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