God, teach me to feel the pain of the world

Priest Ioan Istrati

Today I served the divine and dear Liturgy in the morning. I prayed: `God, teach me to feel the pain of the world.`

After the holy service there was a powerful wind blast and a very icy rain. When I got down from my car I heard a caterwaul, like a whining of a baby desperately in the ditch. I went there. Two blind puppies just then born were in a tied sack. One of them was cold. The other one frozen cried out with all its might. I took both to my home, I wiped them down with towels and warmed them up with the hair dryer. I massage the heart of the motionless one for an hour.

He opened the mouth for a while then he fell again in the dark. Then it happened the same again and again. In the end its heart started to beat. They are adorable. I took a plastic bag, I made a hole in it and I pour some yogurt like in a baby bottle. They eat greedily. The little one cries if I leave. The big one has a huge power in itself if he cried out so loud for almost three hours. Now I remember that in the morning at 7 am I heard the same whining in the ditch.

I stayed and thought. This is how we should cry too so that our prayer will cross the thick clouds of sin and reach the skies. The puppy cried out of despair sure someone would hear it.

Secondly, we are so bad that hell was invented for us. What stupid and wretched creatures could throw two blind puppies in the icy rain in a tied up sack.

The puppies are so cute and nice. The one who felt death like a boundless cold cries out so loud when I go away from them. It becomes silent only when I take it in my hand, like a baby.

May God forgive us as we are so terribly stupid and bad.

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