He got angry very quickly

A monk was very irritable. He got angry very quickly, almost for any reason. Although he prayed without cease to God to release him from angriness, every time when he stood up after prayer he got angry on one of his brothers.

At a certain moment he dared to tell God: `God didn`t I pray to You to release me from angriness? Why do You leave me to fight with my brothers so often?`

God answered to him: `How do you want to manifest the rejection of angriness without any practice? Didn`t you tell me to release you from angriness? That is why I always send you someone to have the opportunity to keep your temper and do not get angry even if he gives you reason for that. Can you swim in a pool without water? It is the same with My answer to your prayers! You are the only master of your reactions!

The monk got enlightened and from that moment on he used to tell himself all the time: `I get angry only when I want it.`

In this way the monk got rid of angriness.

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