I saw love crying and asked it…

Priest Alexandru Lungu

I saw love crying and asked it why it was in such a state of degradation?

It answered between tears…

I am crying because although I am called where the young seal their eternal promises and I find myself on the lips uttering love poems I am not desired in the moments of pain and the people rarely remember to call me when things get cold.

Although I am found in almost all the songs and poems, I rarely reach the abysses of hearts.

Even if you see me on all channels and I am a subject of discussion from morning until night, just a few know who I am in reality.

They degraded my existence so much that they use me as an argument for murdering babies and I am found on all contraceptives which kill love by perversions and selfish desires.  I am not found anymore in the purity of the love stories of yore when two hands holding each other was the most intimate love gesture.

I was taken out of schools and I don`t find my place not even in the relation of those who have God on their lips. As I am invoked with the mouth but their hearts are far away of me.

I am crying because when love is perverted nothing is left to be saved from this world.

I am crying because I don`t find my place anymore in this ephemeral existence and it is hard for me to accept that one day I will disappear forever.

Then where can we still find you in this world, I dared to as kit ashamed.

In some old homes and in a village forgotten far away from the world where the husbands still whisper to each other `I love you` before going to sleep.

Sometimes you may find me in a humble village altar where the priest uses his last powers to save by his prayer a lost soul. There you can find me and I remain only for them and for their sake I am not leaving yet. There you may still find me but not for long…

I understood that only love can still save us and I fixed as my aim to seek it from today on all the rest of the days of my life.

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