Here and now

Priest Ioan Bădiliţă

Do you know what will steal away from you aggressively the joy of life and will wrap up all your wishes in a poor package for a courier who will never come at your door?

It is the acceptance of a vocabulary from where you took out without being aware of it any trace of the Word. You keep repeating:

`When I arrive there…`

`When I be able to do that…`

`On the day when I have enough money saved…`

`When I can afford it…`

`When there it will be a good weather…`

You are always waiting for a suitable opportunity, for the suitable day, for the perfect moment. But it does not come at all. Because all you need to do is to be. Here and now. Hic and nunc. `Live every day as long as we can say today (Hebrews 3:13).

Do not be afraid of time, as if it were an animal which could turn anytime and bite you.

Say `if God wills`, put your hand in His hand and step out hopefully in the unknown.

You know the moon shines only when it is not afraid of the night. Time befriends in the easiest way with the man who doesn`t make from his life a biography of a hurried person, but a story written with grace and which the Angels will be glad to read in eternity, walking along under the birch trees from the Land of the living.

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