When you entered the church you should not see anything else

If we come in the house of God, we must come clothed in our spiritual clad.

Many times we stand in the church, we listen to the preach and the chants but our thoughts God knows where they fly! Sometimes you talk with others, you look at the way one person or another is dressed and this is not the purpose of our coming to the church.

When you entered the church you should not see anything else but the Savior and you should not hear anything else but the doxology to God. All the others are demonic temptations. Because the devil tries you in all places, even when we are in the church.

You come and say: God forgive me, God have mercy on me! God, I believe in You!

We come to the church drawn by a certain interest, maybe a superstition or a social convenience. Few are those who keep all the time their minds to the prayer, to the holy service, to what the priest does, to what is sung in the pew. Because we are always assailed by thoughts.

Father Gheorghe Calciu

Excerpt from ”Living Words”, Bonifaciu Publishing House, 2009, pg. 66

Source: ganduridinierusalim.com


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