The need to convince somebody versus the need to transmit a truth

There is a huge difference between the need to convince somebody and the need to transmit a truth.

The truth, being the completeness of knowledge and unchanged in its integrity, has no need to convince. That is why Christ, when He was asked by Pilates `what is          the truth`, did not answer anything.

Those who are obsessed by the need to convince the others of the truth of their own beliefs, that can be simple ideas which do not come out from a personal belief but impose an actual ideology, do not do this.

Aggressivity combined with punishment which in the case of the ideologies imposed by state are expressed in fines and privations, are the obvious signs that we don`t deal with the truth, but with a lie.

Truth is gentle, it is not disturbed and is not proud, does not punish and does not rush to show up, as its nature remains eternally unchanged, no matter if it is accepted or not. While the lie is proud, eager to impose itself, eager for power and always in motion, drawing in its rush all those who do not love the wisdom of truth – and all these because it knows its transience and nothingness compared with the Truth

Let us pray that the time which goes by will take us away from the days of lie and lead us as close as possible to the Truth. That Truth which remains silent when it is approached with pride, but which reveals itself to the humble – that Truth whose name is Jesus Christ!Priest Savatie Baștovoi

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