As the Statue did

Someone went once to a great Elder wanting to become his disciple. The Elder wanting to show him from the very beginning how a disciple had to be ordered him to beat and hit with his feet as hard as he could a statue which was in the proximity. The young man fulfilled his order and afterwards the Elder asked him if the statue opposed any resistance or got troubled when it was hit and beaten.

When the young man said that nothing happened of all that he ordered him to hit it again adding curses to the blows.

After doing this thrice and the statue remaining as it was lifeless and mute the Elder said: If you can suffer the same without complaining at all as the statue did although it was harmed in so many ways come daringly and receive our teaching. Otherwise don`t even attempt to remain with us.

Excerpt from Evergetinos– Vol. I- Saint Holy Monastery Vatoped.

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