The good thought

Heading home a peasant found on the roadside in the field a sack full of corn. Looking carefully around he decided to take it home as it would have been very useful for him and anyway nobody saw him. He looked again on the right, on the left, behind him and before him and bent to take the sack.

But he stopped all of a sudden remembering that he didn`t look upwards. Looking at the sky he left the sack there and smiling he continued his way home peacefully saying to himself:

`Thank you God that you gave me the good thought. It is true I needed a sack of corn but I need more a peaceful and innocent mind. For sure a neighbor from the village could not carry too much at once and he will return after the sack. If I had taken it with me, nobody would have seen me but God.

`I try to keep my mind innocent before God and people.` (The Holy Scripture)

Excerpt from The most beautiful Christian Orthodox parables and tales – Leon Magdan, Aramis Publishing – Romanian Patriarchy.

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