The Polenta from Heaven

Priest Ioan Istrati

Today I cried a little. What happened. Yesterday I received a message from two pious ladies for whom I pray to pray for a three years old little doll, Eveline.

The little girl was sleeping in the afternoon and didn`t wake up. Her mother tried to wake her up. Nothing. She was in a coma. Devastated, her mother took her with the rescue car to the hospital.

The two women asked me to pray for the girl at the holy services. This is what I know to do. The doctors were very reserved. They intubated her immediately.

I said to one of the ladies: please read all of your acquaintances and her mother the Paraklesis of the Holy Mother of God and the Akathist of Saint John the Russian. The woman confused wrote: we can`t do anything father. Our prayer doesn`t value not even as much as a polenta. I insisted to read the Paraklesis and the Akathist

Today I read the little girl`s name in the Holy Altar on the day of saint Theodora from Sihla.

In the evening the lady wrote to me crying that the little girl woke up from coma and asked for some polenta.

I was shaken

Wondrous is God among His Saints.

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