Thank you, father, for giving God to me every Sunday!

Priest Alexandru Lungu

What I am going to tell you is absolutely real and it happened to me on a Sunday.

It was the beginning of the Holy Liturgy and a child came at the altar doors. As I usually do I took a small plastic icon with Saint Apostle Andrew and I put it in the hand of the boy. He took it and looked at it and afterwards he embraced me tightly and whispered: Thank you, father, for giving God to me every Sunday!

I was surprised of this answered and I meditated a long time about these words.

We, the priests have the duty to give God to people. It is not that important if we fill the stomaches of the poor with food, for solving this matter there are a lot of non profit organizations.

I don`t know how important is the fact that we dress sometimes the naked, there are so many associations which offer tones of clothes every year. Maybe not even the fact that we succeed to give a home to a misfortunate of fateis one of our main duties.

Our main duty as priests is to offer God making Him known to people. How can we do this thing? First by our own life. When they see your good deeds they must glorify God. By word, since before being made the miracles by the apostles and by Christ in person they used the power of the word; a word which should come out not necessarily from a rich culture but rather from the pure depth of a heart which is hungry for the Holy Spirit.

And finally we offer God at every Holy Liturgy, when through the bread and wine we give God to every Christian who is hungry for immortality. Nothing will count more in the end, not the alms or the buildings raised or the time offered to the others if we don`t succeed above all to make the true God known to the people.

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