The happiness from the nest

When happiness builds a nest for you and your children don`t think that it will pamper you and your children for a long time. Against any of our earthly happiness it is begun an invisible conspiration. You just sit comfortably in the nest of happiness and warm up in it when all of a sudden in your nest shows up the head of the snake. The earthly happiness is the same with the happiness which the snake promised to Eve and the same snake comes to you to show you the mask of your happiness.

A mother was wailing terribly above the tomb of her two children:

God, didn`t you find any mercy for these two worms?

God`s answer came through the mouth of a confessor :

`Mother, God had mercy for your two worms, that is why He took them away. For you they were two worms but for God they will be two Angels. God had mercy for you as well and for this reason took away your children because you would have warmed up too much in the nest of happiness and you would not have paid any attention to the head of the snake from under the nest.

Excerpt from Thoughts about good and evil – Saint Nicholas Velimirovich, Predania Publishing.

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