Don’t judge Christ for the sins of the Christians

Many times the Church misleads because there are within it some people who are not perfect, nor flawless heroes, but some sinful, immoral men, enslaved by passions.

It’s as if we went to a hospital and would be misled by the fact that there are sick people in the hospital. But the sick are there to find their healing.

We shouldn’t forget that Christ doesn’t expect from us not to sin, because He knows this is impossible. What He tells us is to admit our sickness, our imperfection and ask for His help and follow His way of healing.

Of course the people who want to fight against Christ because they don’t have anything blamable at Him, they point out upon the mistakes, the passions of the Christians. But this is another mistake.

They don’t see the Church, but some limbs of the Church who might have committed mistakes, who might have sinned and have a life which is not in accordance with the Christian principles.

But it’s wrong to judge the Church and defame it, because in this way we defame Christ, our Savior.

It’s as if I tried to judge the hospital because there are sick people in it. Of course infectious diseases are dangerous and those from the hospital must take measures, but the hospital is not blamable because there are sick people in the world.

I think that many people judge the Church and reject it because they are afraid. They are afraid the Church may say the Truth, that it may be in the possession of the Truth.

And since the Truth is not convenient, it is preferable to anathematize it than follow it.

And because they can’t find flaws in the Truth, they make public the flaws of those who believe in the Truth so that they can convince themselves and the others that it is right not to believe.

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