Today we`d do the same

Priest Ioan Istrati

God came on earth.

People hated Him because He was pure and handsome, bright and kind, meek and God.

They raged against Him liked beasts since He was just a child and a son of God. The King of heavens came on earth and the people fond of the earth sent Him out in the cold and darkness, Him Who was the tearful Light of eternity

The God of Angels came to His cubs and the people gathered all their legions of demons to kill Him the infinite Life.

The eternal holiness of the Father came to the people and the people obsessed by death exiled Him out of their hearts.

The Creator of all forces came at the mystery encounter with His bride, with the human nature and the people threw Him into a stable with His mother the most fragrant flower of humanity.

The beloved warmth of eternity rose out from heaven for us and the people exiled Him in the terrible cold of a cave.

Everything we had the best was a manger, a cave and a stable. The animals had a kinder heart than ours and warmed Him up.

You will say: do not meow anymore, father, we were there then 2000 years ago.

But I tell you that even today we`d do the same.

We would crowd around for pleasures, meat and pigs and sweet bread and bucket and He would still sleep in the cold of the cave.

Today the people would abort God, would kill Him systematically, would bury Him deeply in the bottom of the earth, for not getting out of there anymore to show them how bad and wretched they are.

We still have a chance in the universe, that a Virgin purer than the brightness of the sun warmed Him at her bosom, so that God, the Infinite Love, would not die of cold in our hearts, because of too little love

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