How much is a miracle?

A little girl took her money box and emptied it of its content. She counted thrice the money she had for not making any mistake. She had one dollar and eleven cents. She took the money and went to the pharmacy from the neighborhood.

Right then the pharmacist was talking with a well dressed man and didn’t pay any attention to the child. The little girl made some noise with her feet, but nothing happened. Then she took a coin and started to rattle it on the table.

“What do you want?” the pharmacist asked her a bit annoyed. “Don’t you see that I’m talking with my brother I haven’t seen for so long?”

Then the girl said:

“I want to tell you about my brother, who is very sick and for whom I want to buy a miracle.”

“Sorry, but we don’t sell miracles”, the pharmacist answered.

“You know, my brother has something in his head that’s growing and dad said that only a miracle might help us.” “So how much is a miracle to buy it?” “I have money”…

The brother of that pharmacist, who had been listening their dialogue with interest, asked the girl what kind of miracle her brother needed.

“I don’t know”, the little girl answered with tears in her eyes. “What I know is that he needs surgery and dad has no money for that.” “That’s why I want to pay it myself, with my own money.”

When she was asked t how much money she had, the girl said:

“One dollar and eleven cents.” “And if it is needed more, I’ll find it.”

“What a coincidence”, said the well dressed man, smiling. :”It’s right the value of a miracle for your little brother.” “One dollar and eleven cents.” He took the money then took the girl by the hand and said:

“Let’s go together to your house to see your brother and your parents and to make the miracle”…

The well dressed man was doctor Carlton Armstrong, the famous neurosurgeon.

The surgery went very well and the little brother went back home completely recovered.

“The surgery was a real miracle”, whispered the mother. “How much could have cost?”

The girl was smiling. She knew so well how much a miracle was: one dollar and eleven cents and the faith of a small child…

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