I’ve never said to God : Why me ?

Arthur Ashe, the famous tennis player who won three Grand SLAM trophies died of AIDS, because his blood had got infected during a heart surgery suffered in 1983. He received letters from his fans from all over the world. One of them wrote to him: “Why God chose such an awful disease?” Arthur Ashe answered: “There are more than 50 millions of children in the world who start learning tennis, 5 millions learn tennis, 500.000 learn professional tennis, 50.000 enter competitions, 5.000 go to the Grand Slam tournaments, 50 go to Wimbledon, 4 of them reach the semifinals and 2 are in the finals. When I was raising up a trophy I never said to God: Why me? That’s why even today I can’t ask God: Why me?

Happiness makes you sweet.

Trials make you strong.

Troubles make you human.

Failure keeps you humble and success gives you glow, but only Faith gives you the power to move forward…

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