Let us choose carefully our models

Priest Alexandru Lungu

When you are a public person you have a huge responsibility regarding what you promote among the youth. Everything you say turns back like a boomerang against you. If you send love and positive thoughts into the universe, in a way or another you will receive the same thing.

Someone said some days ago the reasons why the birth of a child is meaningless because you lose from your view the real aim of life : the fulfillment of our own pleasures.` You can`t travel, you can`t party as long as you wish, you can`t come at what time you like at home without being burdened by a responsibility, namely by a child. They say we are too many on the planet and this is why we harm the planet. We eat too much and destroy everything surrounds us.

But who stops us to be responsible and live with discernment and engrain to our children the real values?

Exactly those who have such a quizzical attitude regarding the birth of children are usually those who waste most of the resources of the planet. Those who promote abortion, extramarital relations, debauchery in all its forms, homosexuality, hate against Christians are those who bring the highest contribution in the destruction of what God created so beautiful.

We make idols from people and we forget to confess the only true God, the One Who has no weaknesses and is not subject to sin. We idealize the people fallen from all points of view and we promote them in the public space 24/24 and we are still surprised that we have a young generation drowned in imposture, illiteracy, alcohol addiction and who fill the cabinets of psychology and psychiatry because of the delusions promoted by these pseudo stars who suffer too because of problems of the same nature.

We take into derision our own parents, healthy education and later we wake at the edge of abyss after we lived a life according to our own will, doing what it is the most important in our view: the fulfillment of our own pleasures.

A child gives you meaning and fulfillment and offers you the chance to understand what the beauty of real life is. You won`t be able to take part at all parties. You won`t have the chance to sleep on all nights. Maybe you won`t travel in the whole world according to your wishes. But you will receive the whole universe in every hug of your own child, you will charge yourself spiritually at every I love you said by that bit taken out of you which you brought to existence and you will feel that your life continues by the being of your own child.

Let us choose carefully the models that will influence our own children, the future of the planet of tomorrow.

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