Who are the people who are truly happy?

They are those who fulfill the commandment of love. They are the people who have a soul beautiful like a flower with petals of giving, friendship, communion, solidarity, compassion, selflessness, faith, love, humility and hope. The perfume of the flower of their soul inebriates with the flavor of happiness many other souls. The happiness of these people is a wellspring of joy for their fellowmen. Their happiness is directly proportional with the happiness they give to their neighbor. They feel truly happy when all the other people around them are happy and blessed with beautiful and useful gifts by the Most Merciful God. They are the people who always have hope that God is permanently their Companion and Guide on the path of their life, they are the people who bear faithfully and with dignity their spiritual cross on the road to their Golgotha, willing to be real followers of Christ. They are the people who gladly accept the difficult moments of their life, because they are permanently living through gratitude and acceptance of the will of God. They are the people who never lose their spiritual peace and contaminate all the other men with this peace that’s bringing harmony and divine happiness. They are the people who are not smitten or saddened by hardships and temptations, who never lose their faith and patience, who endure patiently like Job all troubles, all humiliations, all injustices.

They are the people who pray and keep vigils continuously, who gained the virtue of sincere and pure prayer which can even move mountain from their place. They are the people who cannot live without prayer, this being their air, water and food.

They are the people who pray for all their fellowmen who suffer of physical and spiritual diseases, who include in their generous and loving hearts the entire world with all its troubles and problems. They are the persons who with their prayer, like a fervent love statement, bring to the throne of their heart the Holy Trinity. They are the people who are always longing for God, whose souls sing longing chants and hymns of glory and gratitude for the Lord of their hearts. They are the people who acknowledge in their heart the Risen Christ boldly and lovingly with their entire life.

They are those who live permanently in the space of Christ’s Resurrection, in the space where is heard only a sweet chant of love, bringing light and happiness. They are the people whose sweet tears cleanse any mud of sins, soothe any longing, any pain or despair. They are the people who never cast out or sadden the Holy Spirit with mistakes, sins and passions.

They are modest and humble men who love simplicity.  They are the people who are grateful for what they are and for what they have, they never crave after the gifts of their neighbor, they are the people who don’t comment if they were blessed with only one gift and not with more. They are the people who always thank God for their life seen as a gift from Him. Such people are truly happy when they walk barefoot through the grass washed by dew, when they look at the heights of the skies at the fluffy clouds like the wings of angels, when they listen to the magic trills of the nightingales, when they wander on mountain paths, when they breathe the air embalmed by the scent of the delicate flowers. They are the people who when they look at the entire Creation have a heart filled with divine happiness, who feel and live the beauty.

Source: jurnalspiritual.eu

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