I don`t receive the milk since it is not from your goat!

This great starets (n.n. Pious Irodion from Lainici) had become worthy of the gift of clairvoyance. He told to many their hidden thoughts and foretold them the future events.

Once a woman brought him as usual a pot of milk from her goat. The pious man told her:

`I don`t receive the milk, since it is not from your goat !`

`No, father, it is from my goat!`

`But didn`t you curse  it yesterday to go to the devil? How to receive it, as it is not your goat anymore!`

So being discovered the woman confessed her sin and receiving a blessing from that day shed id not curse anymore.

Excerpt from The Romanian Patericon – Archimandrite Ioanichie Bălan, The publishing house of  Sihăstria Monastery.

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