How to save my soul?

`Father, what am I to do to save my soul?`
`Don’t seek your salvation!`
`How not to seek my salvation, father?“What to seek then?`
`Seek the Kingdom of God and His justice and all the others will be given to you!`

`And where to look for this Kingdom, father?`

`Inside yourself.`

`But how can I figure out when I find this Kingdom inside me, father?`

`When you feel love for all the creatures of God and despite of all the sorrows and wickedness of the world you feel joy and peace and have perfect confidence in God’s care for the whole creation and in the fact that good will finally overcome evil through Jesusw Christ the Savior of the world. All these are the gifts of the Holy Spirit that descends in your heart through humbleness and meekness.`

`And how to start this work, father?`

`Start by never condemning anyone, no matter how sinful that one would seem to you…don’t think of hell for anyone…pray for all…occupy your mind with thoughts about God and His Love more than anything else`

`Thank you for the advice, father!`

`May it be useful to you…God be with you!`

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