Grandma who shuts the door

There was an old woman in a village who was called by her grandsons `grandma who shuts the door.`

This nickname she got in this way: every time her grandsons went to town to schools or with any other business she told them:

`May God help you, my grandson, to shut the doors well.`

If anyone of them asked her `what doors, grandma?` she answered:

`Everywhere you go beware to shut first the doors of your ears for all the tempting whispers of Satan.`

Than shut the doors of your eyes do not read bad books, full of poison and do not go anywhere where your heart may poison itself with the sight for the eyes.

And it is the same with the door of the mouth. Remember the old saying: `Put God a watchman for my mouth and an enclosure door for my lips.`

And remember what the Saviour said that the man will give account for any useless or bad word on the Day of Judgment.

But above all, dear grandson, shut tightly the door of your heart against the evil temptations. Let your doors open only for God.

Source: Facebook – The Orthodoxy of the soul

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