I prayed to God

I prayed to God to take pride away from me and God answered: `No. Pride is not taken, you must get rid of it.`

I prayed God to give me patience and He answered: `No. Patience is the crown of trials. It is not given, it is gained.`

I prayed God to give me happiness and God answered: `No. I give you My blessing, but it depends on you to be happy.`

I prayed God to keep me away of pain and God answered: `No. The sufferings estrange the man of the worldly worries and bring the man closer to Me.`

I prayed God to give me spiritual growth and God answered: `No. The Spirit must grow alone. I only graft it to bring fruit.`

I prayed God to help me to love my neighbour as He loves me and God answered : You finally understood what you need to ask for.`

I prayed God to give me power and He gave me trials to become strong.

Pious Irodion from Lainici

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