The woman I trust

She is addicted to love, since she gets her nourishment from love, she breathes through love. Love is her creed. She startles when she hears words like: life, love, purity, family, longing…

Her joys are simple: children, nature, song, animals…She loves light and beauty.. She never dares to laugh out loud, she only smiles. She behaves  decently everywhere, she does not try to stand out by anything.

She does not want to be liked by anyone else but her husband. Her fidelity is not to be guarded, she has it in her blood. She does not try to dominate the man, but wants to be dominated, because she is submissive for the sake of love.

She places exterior beauty on a lower level because her true beauty lies within her soul and this is what she tries to show outwards.

She does not like money. She fears that it falsifies her, it enslaves her, she is afraid that it kills her creed. She never cries false tears. Her mind is in her heart, for her spirit and her soul are One. She often listens to the voice of the heart, cause this is what guides her. She prefers peace instead of justice, but she always loves the TRUTH. Her voice is never imperative nor fawning. She always speaks with shyness. Her love covers quietly the mistake of the other one, but she does not forget to talk with him, in order to correct him. She cries with the one who cries and rejoices with the one who rejoices. She suffers in silence and she always has a spare smile.

She loves without asking for anything in return. She loves up to self-sacrifice. Her hope relies on faith and she fights for defending her values. She has the power to mend a broken heart only by a kiss and an embrace. She tends to enhance her love continuously, cause she is governed by the law of love. She tends to reach the sublime. She lives intensely any moment, since time is a treasure for her.

On her lips you can always read a divine song and her eyes are the gate to her soul – the place that shelters her love – and many times you can glimpse her heart through her tears.

You can find her thoughtful, for her gaze wanders afar; her steady citadel is not here.

Her name is WOMAN! She is the standard woman, the woman I trust. The harder she strives to reach more of these values, the closer she gets to the sacred purpose that was meant for her by God. And the more she estranges of these sacred things, the worse she degenerates from the nobleness of her condition of woman, losing her femininity and becoming an artificial object. The woman is the one who keeps the fire of love burning in a home, is the one who can make together with her man a true heaven on earth in her own family.


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