The press release of the Russian Church regarding the game Pokemon Go

The Russian Orthodox Church  has called on the players of Pokemon Go – a game that became increasingly popular in the world – to respect the privacy of other persons.

The developers of this game deliberately gave it a provoking dimension, suggesting that the game may cover absolutely any territory.

”I hope that the users of this game would have enough caution and respect the properties of other people, of the public and religious organizations, without invading the privacy of the others” –the deputy head of the synodal department for the relationships of the Church with the society and media, Vakhtang Kipshidze, declared yesterday.

POKEMON GO – The Orthodox Church asks the players to keep their sound reason.

According to this official, not only the sacred spaces, but also those designed for private life, the museums, are spaces where people try to exercise their legitimate rights and interests but they should not be transformed into a battlefield for the players of this game with no restrictions.

According to him the point of view of the Church does not refer practically to the game POKEMON GO but to its way of attracting certain people, and whether or not it’s all about a game, including a computer game, the threat relates only to the severe addiction to it.

The Church spokesman also said that not long time ago the Russian Interreligious Council had a relevant contribution to the restriction of certain gambling games in the big cities.

”Not only the Russian Orthodox Church  but also representatives of other traditional religions consider that the morbid fascination for a game endangers human integrity, the free personality of man being compromised by the nature of a computer game”, he emphasized.



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